The Imbalance of Elements in your Natal Chart, pt. 1

Just like nobody is truly crazy, but some are crazier than others, nobody's natal chart is evenly balanced; but some are more unbalanced than others. When there is a noticeable lack of one element and an overabundance of another, it comes across in who we are and how the world responds to us. Take me for example, I'm Fire dominant and lack Water (its such a Fire thing to use yourself as an example, by the way). Nowhere in my chart is this made more clear than my Aries Moon and my Cancer Mars. Aries Moons are known for being quick to anger and even quicker to forget why they were angry in the first place; whereas Cancer sits in its shell accumulating hurt, until next thing you know it's hanging off your finger and is never letting go.

The same is true for every person's natal chart, what we have and what we lack are at odds with each other. The problem with this though is the very human trait to let what we're missing define us or to overcompensate for it. A lack of Fire causes a lack of passion, of creativity, and just joy for life. We've all met people who are the living embodiment of meh, just as we've all met people who are always having THE BEST TIME EVER!!!! and you wonder if they are ever chill. No Earth can swing in the direction of no practicality, the people who bounce from job to job and have no idea what a 401k is; to pragmatism being the basis for all decisions, like accountants. Lack of Air, which is communicative, means difficulty expressing yourself. This can mean that you aren't particularly talkative, or when speaking you lose the plot halfway through. Lack of Water is a lack of the constant ebb of emotions. What you're feeling can be a mystery to yourself and you can come across as cold. Because Water is also spiritual, it can lead to an interest in things like astrology and Tarot. I'd easily bet that's where my love of both comes from.

Unfortunately, there's no easy fix to change something like this. When a dominant part of your natal chart is unevolved, you at least have a starting place and something to work with. With this, where do you start and what do you do? I think our dominant elements can help us bring out our lacking ones, which I'll get into next week when I write about both the good and the bad of an overabundance of an element.

As always, thanks for reading and let me know what you think in the comments. Bye!