My Moon Makes Me feel Like a Fraud, How About You?

The moon is our emotional nature. It's what makes us tick and how reactive (or not) we are. Obviously, short of being a sociopath, its impossible to go through life without feeling emotion. And obviously, again, writing is highly emotional. Not only in the sense that we impart emotions onto our characters, but also our attachment to these characters. Not to mention, all the emotions that happen before the writing process, during the writing process, and after the writing process.

I feel like I've written about this often, but I know this is a daily reality for most people. Particularly people in creative fields. Our minds get the best of us. And, women are more prone to depression and Imposter Syndrome. How lucky for me. I struggle with both, the latter in particular. It was one of the reasons I went months without writing. All through writing Ascendent, it boggled my mind when people told me that they liked it; because it didn't seem possible that it could be true. It's published, and it still seems like it can't possibly be true.

I know most of these posts end up making me sound like I'm a school guidance counselor from a 90's teen rom-com (For the record, I'm twenty-four. So, I think that makes me too young?), so I'm going to skip the platitudes this week. But, I like to think even one person could find this and it could break through the horrible headspace our asshole brains love to put us in long enough to realize that you're not alone. Because we all need support, someone who listens to us. Really listens. I was born with my support system and I like to think it makes me more aware of its importance. I can't imagine I would be sitting here typing this without her.

I know this was kind of (or majorly) depressing (I think it has something to do with the seemingly neverending teenagers who od. I think if they had just one person who is caring, compassionate, and listens it could prevent so much.), but thank you for reading anyway and tell me what you think in the comments. Bye (an exclamation mark seems inappropriate here, am I the only one?)

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