Harnessing Your Pluto as a Writer

Pluto, the keeper of all things hidden, indicates the darkest part of ourselves in a birth chart. The most painful parts. The parts we all wish didn't exist. When you write, you, as a person not as a writer, inevitably seep into it. How you wish you were, how you wish you weren't. All parts of you become exposed.

I know it sounds terrifying. But, personally, I strive to use that. Those parts of ourselves are what makes for a compelling read. A character we love, a character we hate. One we see ourselves in and one we want to shake for making a multitude of bad decisions. I believe this all comes from our Pluto. But, that might be my generation's Pluto in Scorpio talking. Like all water signs, there's a mystical bent to a Scorpio's thinking; just with much darker undercurrents.

And, yes, Scorpio is known as the sex sign. But, sex for them is not for the pure enjoyment of it like Leo, or the physical connectivity like Taurus. For Scorpio, it's the deep, dark emotional connectivity they crave.  Again, use that. Not necessarily in the context of sex, although it obviously extends to that as well, more in the context of the emotional connectivity. With all water signs that desire for emotional connection exists, but with Scorpio, you don't forget about it when it happens. That's the experience you want to give your readers.

To find out more about Pluto, get your birth chart here. You will need to know the exact time and place you were born.

Learn more about Pluto here.

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