Your Sun is More than a Generalization

Sun Sign (or Star Sign) is the one part of astrology that even a person with almost no interest in it - beyond what's in the paper - can tell you when asked. It's almost common knowledge at this point. Scorpio is mysterious, Virgo is Type A, Leo is the dramatic one, and Aquarius is the space cadet. It's also the reason I first looked into astrology. Because, as a Capricorn, I felt like I was mislabeled.  I am not, nor have I ever been, career-oriented and rife with ambition. I'm not cold, at least I like to think I'm not, and I'm not materialistic (much). But, in general, none of us are the clicky archetypes you find in the paper. We're humans and, by definition, extraordinarily more complicated than that.

So, let's look at what our Sun actually is. It's your ego. It's not what you present to the world like your Ascendent sign or your emotional nature like your Moon sign, it's who you are. You with your clearest sense of self. The most your Sun Sign - and its ruling planet - will do is color the house your Sun is in, as well as the aspects to it. To use me as an example, because who else's chart would I know best, my Sun falls in the fifth house with Neptune and Uranus conjunct it. Trust me on this, it's a whole lot of flighty and lazy. What my Capricorn Sun - and the Saturn that rules it - does is add some pragmaticism. Some being the operative word.

I know most of this post has been deeply entrenched in motivational poster territory, but I think this is something that we hear often but without sincerity. Particularly for women. But it's true. Our worth, the best, most amazing thing we can offer people, is our sense of self. Our confidence in who we are, what we want, and where we're going.

Anyway, thanks for reading and let me know what you think in the comments. Bye!

To find your Sun's house and aspects, get your birth chart here. You will need to know the exact time and place you were born.

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