Look What Uranus Made Me Do

Uranus, named after the Greek God of the sky Ouranus (which means, yes, people have been making your anus jokes longer than they were ever funny), is one of the more confusing planets in a natal chart. To me, at least. Even just looking at the bare facts of the planet doesn't make any sense. Uranus is a water planet and is the modern ruler of Aquarius, an air sign. See what I mean? It switches back and forth and disrupts whatever house it's in. Mine sits in my sixth house, the house of menial, everyday drudgery and it sucks.

Uranus, along with Jupiter and Neptune, is what makes it impossible for me to sit down and get my work done.  Seeing as it conjuncts my Sun, it is considered a creative, but rebellious, aspect. All this manages to do is make me crazy in tightly controlled environments. Which is another reason I hated school. That, and the constant bullying.  So, how to put a lazy Uranus to work? Between this, Sun in the fifth house, Jupiter in an air sign, and a Taurus Midheaven, I'm lazy. No, seriously, I'm asking. I just don't have the answer today.

I suppose it's the same answer I, and every other person, always give. Work past it and put it to use. I swear that's what all of these posts have boiled down to. All of the aspects in my chart make me lazy and artistic, woe to me.

I'll just stop typing now.

As always, thanks for reading and let me know what you think in the comments.

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